where it started

ever since i can remember, i've always been disappointed with the underwear that was marketed towards me. as a child, seeing all the pink, flowers, butterflies and princesses.... the frustration made me want to scream.
one day at the age of 10, little me decided they didn't want to feel uncomfortable in their clothes anymore. my only other option was boys´ underwear. other than it not fitting my body properly, i liked everything about it. everything just felt right. but this was something i wasn't supposed to wear. since day one, society made sure to let me know that the way i wanted to dress was not acceptable.
so i decided to wear what i want, but secretly. i spared my pocket money and went to the boys´ section, scared that if somebody saw me there, they would throw me out. scared that the cashier wouldn't let me purchase boys´ underwear. scared of my parents getting mad if they ever saw these underpants. so i would wash them at nights when everyone else was already asleep. or hurry home from school so i could wash them before anyone would get home and catch me at my "crimes". funny to let clothes and underwear hold so much power. but they did, and they still do. therefore i have decided to reclaim that power for myself. i want to do something good with it and turn it into an empowering and loving power, instead of a limiting one.  
so this is for us, who have wanted something different. something more than the cis-hetero society has provided us with. something we can feel comfortable in. something that fits not only our body, but also our self-expression. something we can feel proud of and not feel like we're "wrong". this is for little me. and this is for all of you reading this. this is for all of you, my dear queers and people who have ever felt they have to change themselves to fit into these boxes that society has set for us. let's fight the cis-hetero normativity one pair of gender neutral boxers at a time!

our mission and values - we aspire to be more than just a clothing brand!
  • we are a small family business of three siblings.
  • our gender neutral boxers are locally and ethically made in Estonia, textiles sourced from Europe.

  • we care for the environment and want to do the best we can in helping the textile and clothing industry move towards sustainability. we have put a lot of effort into choosing our materials, using Global Organic Textile Standard certified organic fabrics and OEKO-TEX certified materials. with knowledge in material technology, we have conducted thorough testing on our materials (pilling resistance, shrinkage, color fastness) to guarantee the best quality. we currently use organic cotton and bamboo viscose for our materials. the waistband is off-white in order to avoid bleaching, as bleaching has a tremendous negative impact on the environment. additionally, extra effort has been put into choosing small businesses from Europe as our partners, making sure our supply chain is short and transparent. furthermore, we are working on making our production minimal waste, by developing a new product, where left-over fabric scraps will be used to design unique small-batch items. nothing should end up in the trash, if it can still be used.

  • androgear was created first and foremost for the people who are not seen by the cis-hetero normative society. we care about making a change and making everyone feel seen. we see the importance of clothing. everyone should be able to wear things that align with their self-expression and not be held back by something as intimate as underwear. you deserve the freedom to be who you want to be. 

  • our products are designed with everyone’s comfort in mind, coming in sizes XS-3XL. to provide something for everyone’s taste, we have 3 different lengths and 4 different colors in our first collection. we are a slow-fashion company creating limited collections, so we absolutely value feedback from our customers, friends and community. all questions and advice is welcome so we can continue creating the perfect apparel for everyone. 

  • we are dedicated to making an impact as we continue to grow as a brand. we want to give back to our community and help society move in the direction of inclusivity and equality. we are looking for ways to do that by supporting corresponding associations and collaborating with brands with mutual goals.