torm's fundraiser


my name is Torm. i’m a 22 year old nonbinary person. i am the founder & designer of an estonian gender neutral clothing brand - androgear.

i am really hoping to get top surgery this spring to finally be able to feel more at home in my body. unfortunately gender affirming surgeries for trans people are still not covered by insurance in Estonia, so i need to raise more than 4200€. top surgery will immensely improve my mental and physical health. i can't wait to live fully as myself!

for that reason, i am asking for support to reach my goal.

ways to help me towards my goal of getting top surgery:

  • get yourself some gender neutral androgear comfiness from this website. during march a part of the profits from androgear boxer sales will go towards my top surgery fund. ps! we just launched a fresh new collection ;)

  • i have designed a t-shirt specially for fundraising, which is available for a limited time in CAPSLOCK online store located in Estonia and EVERPRESS online store located in the UK. check it out and grab it while it’s still available!

  • come to our fabulous 4in1 party on the 31st of march in Sveta bar, Tallinn. during this evening you will get to be a part of the launch of androgear’s new miraculous collection + my top surgery charity auction of cool art, beautiful design and awesome items + my birthday celebration + the celebration of trans visibility day!

come enjoy the night full of amazing drag artists, get yourself a pair or a few of androgear boxers and grab some unique pieces and opportunities from the auction.

31st of march - put it in your calendar! ;)

  • there is also the possibility to make a direct bank donation to my personal account:

name: Torm Loomägi

bank accounts: 

SEB: EE841010010825590018       

LHV: EE667700771003089687 

description: donation

direct payment option for LHV clients!

  • while you support in the way you can (thankyou! thankyou! thankyou!), please spread the word to your friends and social media followers. you can share the link of this page or my instagram posts regarding this topic!

thank you soooo much! your help means the most to me! all the raised money will serve the greatest purpose for me! thank you!