binder giveaway - 

dark blue, size M

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two binders looking for a new home!
these binders have been worn, but are in very good condition! we want to give them away to someone who needs them - there is only two items, so make sure the binder is your fit and act fast!

while purchasing at least one pair of androgear boxers, add the binder to your cart for free and it will be shipped with your boxer order.

dark blue binder is purchased from gc2b. it is a size M and has been passed down to 3 trans people already, so it is nicely worn in, which makes for a very comfortable fit. the binder is in a good shape and has a bit lighter binding ability than the grey one. original price 35 eur.

more info about the binder and size guide from the original page

and don't forget to bind safely!  

Out of stock